PayPal Casinos

PayPal Casinos

There are a number of benefits in using PayPal as a deposit method when playing casinos online. In this section of the site we look at these advantages in a little more detail.

It is quick and easy to setup a PayPal account if you don’t have one already. The transfer process requires you to simply log in to PayPal and enter a password – this means no more having to enter sensitive

Credit card information every time you wish to make a deposit. This versatile payment method can be used on millions of other websites, from online shopping to making donations, bidding for items on eBay and even paying bills.

If something goes wrong PayPal can step in to troubleshoot or create an investigation to find the answer.

Also, best of all, it’s free to sign up and use!

However, there are arguably some disadvantages of using PayPal. Some of these arguments may include:

PayPal is fast, but possibly not as fast as some other smaller e-wallet services such as Skrill.

Also, not all online casinos accept PayPal as a payment/withdrawal method, especially those hosted outside of Europe.

If Paypal is not available to you then several other options do exist, the most common of which involve linking your online gambling account to your Credit or Debit Card.

Other payment methods include bank transfer or using e-wallet accounts such as Skrill. Some casino operators also offer mobile users the chance to make a real money deposit via SMS.